From the Family archives: July 2009

This has to be one of my favorite images, ever. The beautiful Wyoming sunshine flooding my grandparents garden in late July makes for a wonderful setting to photograph Logan.


Trey & Jessey

treyandjesseycollage copy


pricing thoughts

Since I'm just starting my business I have yet to find an album company that really compliments the style of photography I want to provide for my clients. I believe that my documentary approach to photographic storytelling is best viewed in an album format to bring all of the components of the day together, such as: details and scene setters, couple and group portraits and journalistic coverage of the preparation, ceremony and reception. 

Ideally, my base price would include service fees for my time and talent along with purchase of a signature product... hence, the album. But, until I find the perfect album, I will be substituting a DVD of the high-resolution images in it's place. Of course the high res DVD will always be available as an a-la-carte item to add to your package when I do switch to include an album as my signature product. I just wanted to explain a little so it might clear confusion if/when I change my prices.

And as for right now, I'm still finagling the prices as I learn to account for start up/overhead/cost, taxes and profit. When I have them set, I'll post them. 

It's likely this will be the way posts are (mostly text), until I officially launch this party! I'm looking forward to learning along this journey and will try to record it here. Thanks for reading...