The B Family: featuring Parker and Delaney! ~ Columbia, MO documentary family photography

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When I arrived at the B house, these two playful faces greeted me through the window. Soon after, we all piled in the car and headed to the park followed by play time at home. It was an entertaining afternoon, complete with a mini four-wheeling adventure! Thanks, B Family, for letting me spend a fun-filled, lovely fall afternoon with you!
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Sneaky Silence

More than a few minutes of silence from Logan--other than when he's sleeping--is rarely a good thing. Silence = Mischief. I only left him alone for a few minutes to check email. When I realized it was waaaaay too quiet, I made my way to his room and peeked in. BUSTED!
DSC_7393 copy
But hey, it's washable marker and at least it wasn't on the wall. Instead of being disappointed in his choice to decorate himself, I did what any nostalgic-photo-mom would do. I documented it.
DSC_7400 copy
I think you missed a spot.
DSC_7405 copy
DSC_7403 copy
Don't forget between the toes.
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The M Family ~ Columbia, MO documentary family photography

As a newspaper photographer I always dreaded sports assignments. Part of being able to successfully document sports action is knowing the rules of the game so you can anticipate the next move. And for someone like me who doesn't follow sports, anticipating the next move is almost impossible. Despite my lack of interest, I was the paper's evening shooter which meant it was my duty to cover sports and most of the time that meant high school football. I don't know that I ever really got "money shot" that my editor was looking for but I'd like to think that I at least improved a little with each passing game.
Fast forward to now, six years later, and I still haven't perfected my sports-shooting skills. So, when I found out Justin and Lauren were planning on taking the boys to a park for their session and "tossing the football around" I thought, oh, this won't be hard, it's not like high school football. But you know what? It was! Those boys were all over the place! And not just with the football. They also whizzed around the park on their Razor scooters and explored lots of places of foot, and rarely together. There was hardly a time when I could get the whole family in the frame at once (that shot above was, like, one of three). So when I got home and assessed what I captured, I was pleasantly pleased. I may not be a sports or high-action shooter, but I think I managed to snag some good ones. When post-processing my favorites for the blog I realized that the majority of my images really stood out in black in white, so you won't see any color in this post.
Justin and Lauren, thanks for the action packed afternoon. Enjoy!
DSC_3548 copy
I'm including this last one just for Justin. It was taken the same day, but later that evening at their home. It doesn't really go with the edited set above, but I know how much he likes it so I just had to include it.