About Me {rebecca}

Mom and Son

I've attempted to write "about me", like, 300 times and each time I end up erasing everything I've written. I'm not so much a fan of the lengthy, third person ramblings about one's self, or the ever popular story about the first camera I received for my 5th birthday (I really didn't but it seems like every other photographer did) or a write-up that's crafted in a way that it appeals to other photographers more so than to potential clients.

I'm just saying--that's not my thing.

However... if, after browsing the content on this site, you feel like you just might want to get to know me a little better, then I say it's time we meet. How about chatting over a cup of coffee (actually, coffee is gross, but I'll go for a chai tea any day) --oh, or even better, how about grabbing a beer (or two!)? You're sure to get to know me a little better then. :)

...and for those readers who are seeking my credentials...

I earned a degree in Photojournalism from MU in 2003; worked as an intern for a small newspaper for 7 months; have photographed numerous weddings, children and events throughout the past six years and...well...I finally think it's time I start getting paid for my talent so I can keep food in the mouth of the bottomless pit that is my 2 1/2 year old son. Oh, and I'm sure my husband would love it if I could bring home the bacon every now and then, too. And I'd certainly enjoy a new pair of shoes...and an endless supply of Sparky's ice cream...and a massage after every wedding I photograph. That would be awesome.

I'm still on the journey to defining my style.  Journalistic. Real. Raw. Simple. Documentary. Organic. Modern. Clean. Nostalgic. I like those words. I think several of those would apply to every photograph I make... combinations of how the moment is recorded, presented and perceived.


  1. Rebecca - you could not of describe yourself anybetter. The picture also speaks volume. I am with you on the coffee - absolutely gross but I also agree on the chai tea - my favorite little tea and coffee house in muscatine (okay the only one) just got Chai tea lattes and chai tea leaves in and I am a happy girl. See you on the 23rd and you will be great. Dana

  2. I really enjoy your photography. I think the terms you used to describe your style are really accurate. Its all very sincere and real. you have a knack for capturing all those beautiful little in between moments that would be forgotten if it wasn't for a beautiful photograph. Keep it up you have a gift.