Mariah Charmayne Latimer ~ Forever Family, February 14, 2011

According to Wikipedia, "Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day, is an annual commemoration held on February 14th, celebrating love and affection between intimate companions." Some might also define it as the day to buy overpriced flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. And some of us might not acknowledge it all. But for 15-year-old Mariah, Valentine's Day has taken on a whole new meaning, and it couldn't be any sweeter. This past Monday, February 14, 2011, Mariah became an official Latimer family member through an adoption proceeding witnessed by a dozen close family members and friends.

Although Dena and Samantha Latimer were married in a March 2009 ceremony in Martha's Vineyard, MA, Missouri law currently allows for only one of them to adopt Mariah now, with an option to complete a second-parent adoption at a later time. Although Dena officially took the stand as the legally adoptive parent, Samantha stood there in spirit and watched from the benches as Mariah was sworn in. The smile on Samantha's face said it all. She didn't have to be standing up there to know that Mariah was just as much hers as Dena's. They were both getting a daughter that day.
At this point I have to interject and say that the following court photos would not have been possible without the kindness of two people: the Latimer's attorney and the Judge. Long story short, camera's are not looked upon lightly in the courthouse. Period. I knew this from my days of newspaper photography and basically using your camera in any governmental building is a challenge. The other kicker, I had no time to research or try to make contacts for permission to photograph since I booked this commission with less than 24-hour notice. Apparently the only photo ever allowed during adoption proceedings is a single cheesy posed shot with the judge afterward. Afterward?!?! What, are you kidding me? As if the most important moment to document during the whole experience is a staged snapshot of the family with an uncomfortable judge who just wants to get on with her morning. I don't think so. Enter super photographer Rebecca Allen here. I just couldn't see how I was going to walk out of that courtroom with only one photo. But, with some persistence (after going through two other "officials"), I was able to plead my case with the Latimer's attorney who agreed to speak to the judge on my behalf for permission to take photos. I don't know what the attorney said, but even the security guard was shocked that the judge permitted me to photograph. The whole thing lasted maybe 15 minutes and then it was over. And so as that chapter closed in Mariah's life, a new one began with a new last name and two proud Moms overwhelmed with joy to finally call her "their daughter".
DSC_0069 copy
DSC_0072 copy
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DSC_0087 copy
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DSC_0113 copy
DSC_0125 copy
DSC_0131 copy
DSC_0158 copy
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DSC_0268 copy
DSC_0286 copy
The raw emotion shown in this next set of photos is what documentary photography is all about. While editing these photos they reminded me of something Samantha had shared with me via email the night before the adoption. She wrote, "The overwhelming emotion that MJ [Mariah] displayed when she was given the news of our pending date and time was priceless. She laughed and cried, screamed and shook, all while trying to maintain her composure. It was a moment that we will never forget, it still gives me chills just thinking about it."
DSC_0293 copy
DSC_0302 copy
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DSC_0329 copy
DSC_0339 copy
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Blizzard 2011 - Columbia, MO

Good Morning! I wanted to get these photos up yesterday but I had computer troubles. The following photos were taken yesterday morning between 8-10a.m. This was the state of downtown during the early hours of the snow removal operation.

Our apartment building.
DSC_9087 copy
DSC_9203 copy
Broadway, looking west.
DSC_9133 copy
DSC_9111 copy
Just one of many signs gracing the front doors of businesses.
DSC_9331 copy
DSC_9147 copy
Alley A.
DSC_9168 copy
Me, by the Get Lost Bookshop.
DSC_9166 copy
9th and Cherry, facing north.
DSC_9173 copy
DSC_9149 copy
DSC_9266 copy
DSC_9221 copy
Cleanup on the MU campus in front of the Geology building.
DSC_9210 copy
After my solo trip I encouraged the guys to bundle up and get out with me. Logan loves big machinery and I thought he'd enjoy seeing the equipment in action.
DSC_9283 copy
Here's what remains of a snowman that Seth and Logan built last weekend. This is on the east side of the courthouse, which we often refer to as our "side yard".
DSC_9306 copy
DSC_9330 copy
DSC_9336 copy
DSC_9368 copy
DSC_9397 copy
DSC_9399 copy
What better way to end our snow adventure than with some homemade snow cream. Just a little milk, vanilla and sugar to taste...
DSC_9403 copy
...then mix it in with the snow...
DSC_9409 copy
...and top with sprinkles! I topped mine with chocolate and it was yummy! We saved a bowl of snow in the freezer so we could make more later.
DSC_9413 copy