A special day for a special little man!

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Dear Logan,

Today you are three years old! You are such a big boy... a mini-man of sorts. You have no idea how much we love you, how everyday is better because you're in our lives. It's really indescribable. You blow us away by your size and your smarts and dashing good looks! You're certainly slimming out as you get older, but your cheeks are still so pinch worthy and kissable. You fill our world with such delight and chaos and we wouldn't have it any other way!  You make us laugh with your funny faces and phrases. You're adventurous, headstrong and completely stubborn, yet surprisingly at times can can be quite shy and reserved.

You love old-school cartoons like Scooby Doo, the Jetsons, Smurfs, Flinstones and Pink Panther, only because you're growing up in a household sans TV and are stuck with reruns on the computer. You're generally a human garbage disposal but recently decided to ban mushrooms, zucchini & yellow squash from your diet. And can you believe you don't like candy! Instead you prefer mints, the Lifesaver kind, and will eat a whole roll in one sitting if we let you. You're a master trike rider, Thomas the Train track constructor and Lincoln Log builder. You like to cook in your play kitchen and whip up stir fry with tofu and bok choy--but what you really love is to help us in the real kitchen. You love Bob the Builder and Toy Story, Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars, swimming and more swimming, slides and sandboxes. You still crawl into bed with us in the middle of the  night and wake up way too early. You've been to Disney World, Mount Rushmore, the Rocky Mountains and many boring parts of Kansas and Nebraska. You've experienced many things in your short three years and many more things to come!

Logan, you're surrounded by such love and support. As parents we couldn't be more proud of the little man you're turning out to be. Today you're three years old! It's your day, you're way (as if that's different from any other day!) and we wish you the best birthday ever!  We love you, lots! Mom and Dad


"Mom, look what I can do!"

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Here's the peek at Logan's room I mentioned in the previous post. This is only half of it (it's L-shaped) and he has his own bathroom. He feels so grown-up pooping in his own potty.


When he's not out fighting crime...

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...he's reading Dwell by window light. Because that's what every super hero does in his down-time.

The windows in our new place are awesome! This in our living room area. A sneak peek at Logan's room is coming soon. I've been holding off on the entire post that debuts our new downtown residence because we aren't finished unpacking or decorating yet. Those tasks should be complete in the next couple of weeks (hopefully!) and then we can finally invite people over for a bit of an apartment-warming. Yay, can't wait!