New Email!


Hooray! My new business email is: rebeccaallenphotography@gmail.com

Yeah, it's kinda long. But just save it to your address book and you'll only have to type it once. I look forward to hearing from you!

And because every post is better with a photograph, I thought you might enjoy the expressions of some of our extended family members! {photos taken fall '09}






So you wanna contact me...


So I realize that I don't have any way for people to contact me on this blog. In all my messing around with customizing a free Blogger blog, I didn't create a "contact me" button. Hmm. Well that seems like a problem, doesn't it? So for now, I'll list a temporary contact email in this post and I will publish my official business email when it is set up (see, that's part of the problem--gotta get that set up, hopefully in the next 24hrs!)

Otherwise, please send a note to the following email address if you have questions or comments!: 




shoes with strings


"I want shoes with strings, Daddy."

It's a simple request and one that will be granted soon. Logan has been asking us to buy "shoes with strings" for him for some time now. The need is even more urgent since Seth bought himself a pair of new running shoes this weekend.  Needless to say, Logan is jealous of the new kicks with laces.

Logan actually wore Chuck Taylor All Star Converse shoes last spring and I thought he looked super cute and grown-up in them. Maybe he'll get the high top version this year, although I suppose that may not be as appropriate for spring and summer. Either way, Logan will get his shoes with strings!

Just Because

logan's wall

It's Monday morning. Ugh. Time to get back to the weekly grind. My goal this week is to finish my edit for the gallery show and then send the files off to the printer. While going through images this morning, I came across the one posted above. I just love it's simplicity. That's pretty much Logan's standard expression when he sees me with the camera. Sometimes he'll ham it up, but mostly he'll just ignore me. I can't tell if he's going to grow up comfortable having his picture taken or if my profession is going to make him run as far away from a camera as possible. He's my go-to subject so I don't blame him for getting a little irritated with me when I'm in his business all the time. Now that he's talking, I'm just waiting for him to say, "Mom, do you haaaaave to?


{from the archives} Spring 2009

Sorry, I've been a bit absent from the blog. Once I got the basic set up of the blog designed and functioning I threw myself into culling through hundreds--probably thousands--of images for MY UPCOMING EXHIBIT (yay!) for Artrageous Friday on April 23. Lots of time and late nights (more like early mornings) have been spent in front of my computer and pouring over printouts to edit before sending files to the lab. I'm so excited to see the final framed pieces of photographic art. This will be my first exhibit and it's just for that one night, but I'm excited because it will coincide with the official launch of my photography business! I can't wait!

Now that I've peaked your interest, more details on the event to come soon...

Oh yeah, and there will be an awesome acoustic band, dessert bar, wine and lots of fun and laughter. Just sayin'. More to come...


{from the archives} Logan's 2nd Birthday | August 19, 2009

{Some of you may have noticed...I pulled this post, along with a previous wedding post about Trey and Daryl. Well, I've decided to feature them in my upcoming show at Alleyway Arts Studios on April 23rd). The photographs will return to the blog after the show!}

{from the archives} Lola at the Kelly's | July 2009



{from the archives} Logan's 2nd Birthday | August 19, 2009



More to come...