Found this little gem today... | Columbia, Missouri documentary children's photography


I love this image. This is very representative of our son and his obsession with food and the kitchen. He likes to help us cook (the apron reads "daddy's little helper"--check out the foot and handprint, too) and he LOVES to eat. He's a raw foods child and will opt for an apple or orange over a brownie anytime. No joke.

The other thing I really like about this image is that it's almost completely straight-out-of-camera (SOOC). I brought out the highlights just a tad on the countertop and cabinet reflection to show more detail and, well, there you have it!

This is the kind of image that makes my heart smile: one with light and layers and depth and emotion... a real moment.


A Night in Review

Wow, how do I begin...

Friday was a great night for me. Despite the rain and my bummer mood at the beginning of the day, I managed to put what I couldn't control aside and enjoy the celebration of three months of hard work. The Artrageous exhibit and business launch party were a success, but not without the help of wonderful friends and family.

-Mom and Dad, thank you for making the extended trip and being here on such an important occasion. Your support means so much and I love making you proud. What kid wouldn't.
-Charley and Gloria, thank you for all that you do to encourage and support my dream. I couldn't ask for better in-laws. And Charley, those pecan tartlet-thingys you brought were a hit!
-Seth, my husband, my best friend, my love.  You deserve the biggest thanks. Funny how when we think we're least prepared to take a risk is when we actually do it. Thank you for encouraging me and believing in me. Thank you for all that you do for our family, your hard work and dedication. At times, this (launching a business) hasn't been the easiest road for us, and I'm quite certain I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you a thousand times over for for your support. I love you so much!
- Logan, you're only 2 1/2 years old so you can't read this, but thank you for being the best son ever and putting up with me and the camera that is always in your face. But with cheeks like that, who coUld resist taking photos of you? I think you were the hit of the evening!

Also, special thanks goes to Kelly Coalier of Orchids & Art for framing all of my work for the show and to David Spear for providing the studio space for my exhibit and party. I'd also like to applaud the men of Ramblin' Daniel for the acoustical entertainment throughout the evening. Seth, Justin, Kyle and Todd did a wonderful job of keeping the mood upbeat despite the dreary weather!

And who could of missed the dessert bar! We were able to keep a huge table stocked with delicious (mostly) homemade treats, but not without the combined effort from friends and family. Thank you Mom and Dad, Charley and Gloria, Carrie, Heather, Trey, Jessica, Kelley, Megan and Emma (hope I didn't forget anyone) for providing the ingredients and labor to create wonderful desserts for the party, serving platters and floral arrangements. It all looked and tasted fabulous!!!

Lastly, I know that some of you want to see pictures from the show. Funny thing is, I didn't take any during the event. I took a few shots of the set-up, but that was it. I really struggled with the choice of weather to document the occasion or enjoy it without a camera. I opted for the latter, and in the end, I am grateful. As a photographer, I spend lots of time photographing for other people, recording moments that they don't want to forget. I certainly don't want to forget Friday night, but I don't believe it would have been as successful with me stuck behind a camera for the evening. Friday was a celebration of three months of preparation and planning and I had so much fun meeting new people, seeing old friends, chatting and laughing and tapping my toes to the music. I couldn't have done all that with camera in hand. It was nice to be able to step back and look around the room at the people who came to see me and my work and that support meant SO much. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

In the end, I'm sure I'll post a few of the set-up shots here on the blog sometime this week. And if anyone reading this took pictures, please don't hesitate to email me a few. I'd love to see what you got.

...with much love and appreciation, rebecca


Rain, rain, GO AWAY! Come again after 9pm!

Okay, folks. No lovely photo post today... just business talk.

Today is THE  day, a day I've been anticipating for three months. The Artrageous Fridays event and my Launch Party kicks off at 6 p.m. ... RAIN OR SHINE. I've been preparing desserts for the past two days, as have numerous fabulous friends who've pitched in to lend a helping hand. I've also purchased wine and arranged for musical entertainment. But what is most important is the photography and the opportunity to show the community my labor of love. And I am completely bumming about this rain and how it turns people into hermit crabs. Umbrellas were made for a reason--so dig yours out, put on some shoes that you don't mind getting wet, and get out the door for this event tonight!

My guess is that all the other participants of AF would echo my plea. And some are artists are traveling from out of town to be here. We have worked really hard at putting together some great things for you to see and hear and would really appreciate the community support by turning out in person to visit with us.

I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces, and meeting new ones---so, see you at six! Thanks!


Contest Time!

As other business owners can attest to, it can be quite a feat to get a business set up and operating. Now the goal is to keep it going. Enter my crafty plan to encourage you to help spread the word about my new endeavor. And in return I am offering a prize--a $30 gift card (your choice iTunes/apps, or VISA/MC). It's nothing extravagant, but hopefully an incentive. If you'd like to participate, I would certainly appreciate it, but by all means don't feel pressured.

The winner will be randomly selected during a drawing held at the ArtRageous Fridays event this Friday. You do NOT have to be present to win. So, all of you who have other obligations on the 23rd or who live too far to attend can still play the game! I encourage you to spread the word about Rebecca Allen Photography to your friends, family, colleagues, and any organization, clubs or group that you're a part of--anyone you know who enjoys photographs. Pretty, please. With a cherry on top? I will love you forever!

Okay, enough begging. Here are the rules. I think they are simple, but if anything is confusing, please let me know! I've seen other photographers do versions of this contest and it appears to have been successful, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Goal: help spread the word about Rebecca Allen Photography (RAP) by doing any or all of the following (name entered once for each item completed):

- become a follower of my blog on networked blogs via facebook
- become a fan of RAP on facebook
- recommend a friend become a fan of RAP on facebook (name entered for each friend)
- share my launch party post on facebook by posting it to your wall
- comment on my blog (name entered for each comment)
- comment on the RAP fan page (name entered for each comment)
- post about the event, my fan page or my blog on your blog, website or favorite community forum
- twitter about the event or RA Photo

After you've done all that you want from the above list (or anything else you can think of!) send an email to...


...and include a list of all the things you did, along with links for me to verify, if necessary (such as your blog or website if I don't know the address).  I will enter your name in the drawing for each item completed. You can play unlimited times between now and midnight on Thursday, April 22. The winner's name will be posted on the blog on Saturday the 24th, so check back then to see if you're the winner!

Oh, and if you've already completed any of the above items before now, I will still count those and enter your name in drawing accordingly. So currently all of my FB fans, followers and commenters are entered in the drawing and you didn't even have any incentive!  Just think of what you'll do now with the possibility of reward!!! Okay, get to it!

Thanks again for all of your support!


{from the archives} Jessica & Jason | Columbia, MO Wedding Photography


Jessica Watson, married her love, Jason Harris, in Rocheport, Mo four years ago this April, 22, overlooking the Missouri River atop the bluffs at Les Bourgeois Vineyards.


As their photographer (and related by marriage--my husband is a cousin of Jessie's) I thought it only appropriate to revisit their wedding images and post some of my faves. It's quite humbling, though, to look back and see how I used to "see" moments. In the end, I appreciate most of these just for their simplicity.


















Jessie and Jason, thanks so much for trusting me to document your day in my humble beginnings. May these images bring back thoughts of good times and a day full of love for you and your family!


Artrageous Fridays & Rebecca Allen Photography



It's beginning to sink in now. I just received my launch party postcards yesterday and I'm soooo excited to distribute them and get the word out about Artrageous Fridays and my participation. However, this is my first time exhibiting my work at an arts event and I must admit I'm really nervous. In most situations, I'm usually the girl who stands back and quietly observes rather than the one who is vocal and seeks attention. This is a really big leap for me, putting myself and my work out there for public scrutiny. Don't get me wrong, although I admit to being nervous, I'm really quite excited and committed to making this event and my business a success. I hope that you will come and visit me at Artrageous Fridays on April 23rd. I look forward to meeting new people and making new friends!

I definitely want to write a bit more about my exhibit and the event soon. Right now, I'm headed out the door with a box full of postcards to hand out!