tortillas: the real way


Yum. Black bean tacos with homemade tortillas. And spinach. And salsa. And cheese AND sour cream. Because, two fats are better than one. Did I mention homemade tortillas?

We've been dabbling with making our own tortillas over the past year. First it was Seth who made them, and then I became interested because, well, I thought I could make better ones. And I can, so I do. I am the tortilla maker in our house. However, it's ultimately my Grandmother who makes the best tortillas. EVER. I'm not even going to attempt to compare my tortillas to hers (she's been making them for 70+ years). So instead I will just post a few images of the tortilla making process and let you marvel at my talent. Enchiladas, anyone?





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  1. ahhhh. I am jealous. those tortillas look delicous!