Happy Birthday Victor! ~ Columbia, MO children's photography

Okay, so I'm a bit biased when it comes to declaring that the cutest baby boy ever is my son Logan (well, I guess he's not a baby anymore since he'll be 3 next month)...but I must admit that handsome little Victor runs a close second. His eyes are beautiful and his cheeks are so pinch-worthy. Victor just celebrated his one year birthday, and what better way to commemorate his 12 months of life than with a Play Date photo session by me :)  I mean, really, all children should have their photo taken by me when they turn one....or two or three or just anytime! Proof of fun times is below. And, of course, big brother Dante makes an appearance in some photos, too, along with Mom and Dad! Enjoy!

DSC_6822 copy

DSC_7004 copy


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DSC_7095 copy
Mr. Serious.
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DSC_7120 copy

It appears John and Victor aren't as impressed with Sarah's bubble blowing skills as Dante is...perhaps they're just jealous. Or practicing their serious look. Like father, like son.
DSC_7195 copy

DSC_7221 copy

DSC_7270 copy

DSC_7237 copy

DSC_7274 copy
Ha! Love it!
DSC_7256 copy
Okay, now here's where I emphasize that I am NOT a portrait photographer. I'm a documentarian and I love to take photographs of people doing what they do and not what I tell them to do. But I also believe that every family should have a recent photo of all the family members together, even if it's not "perfect". It was a bit challenging to get Dante to cooperate for the family shot, probably because I waited too late in the session to accomplish it (note to self: do the serious stuff first--then play). So, here are two examples of how this went down. I'm partial to the black and white image because it is more natural and representative of how things really were (and check out little bro picking on big bro!), but the color image was our goal. So, what are your favorites? Don't be shy... leave a comment  below and tell John and Sarah just how cute their kids are!
DSC_7280 copy

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  1. Nice work, Rebecca. Now those are some cute kids!

  2. Cristy Lillig7/27/10, 8:45 PM

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. These pics truly capture Dante and Victor, and the love John and Sarah have for them.

  3. John and Sarah, your kids are way cute! I might just be one of those people who reacts way too emotionally to sweet family photos, but trust me when I say that I got a little verklempt when I saw the b&w family photo (second to last in this post). Rebecca, as always, excellent photos. Love your work!

  4. Thank you Cristy. It was fun spending time with their family!

  5. Aw, shucks, Megan. Thanks for your comments!