It's official... we've moved!

Hi all! I'm so sorry for the absence on the blog. I've got good reason, though, as we just closed on the sale of our home today! We're downtown apartment dwellers now (moved in at the beginning of the month) and it is sooo much fun. We just got Internet service yesterday after being without for two weeks, hence the absence. I am super excited to fill you in on this stage in our lives, but for now it must wait a bit longer. I want to have visuals to go with the story :)

Otherwise, in recent weeks I've photographed a couple of children's play date sessions and have been editing those while I've been without connection to the world. I'm looking forward to sharing a blog post of fun times with 17-month-old Iris at the Columbia Farmer's Market and Shelter Gardens. We romped around those locations early this month and I've been itching to get a preview on the blog ever since.  I also spent some time with 1-year-old Victor at his home playing around in the backyard. Previews of that session will be up soon as well. Lastly, I have more photos to share from our family vacation to Disney World, so as you can tell there are several items in line waiting for some blog love.

With that short bit of news I'll sign off and return with photos for the next post!

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