Blizzard 2011 - Columbia, MO

Good Morning! I wanted to get these photos up yesterday but I had computer troubles. The following photos were taken yesterday morning between 8-10a.m. This was the state of downtown during the early hours of the snow removal operation.

Our apartment building.
DSC_9087 copy
DSC_9203 copy
Broadway, looking west.
DSC_9133 copy
DSC_9111 copy
Just one of many signs gracing the front doors of businesses.
DSC_9331 copy
DSC_9147 copy
Alley A.
DSC_9168 copy
Me, by the Get Lost Bookshop.
DSC_9166 copy
9th and Cherry, facing north.
DSC_9173 copy
DSC_9149 copy
DSC_9266 copy
DSC_9221 copy
Cleanup on the MU campus in front of the Geology building.
DSC_9210 copy
After my solo trip I encouraged the guys to bundle up and get out with me. Logan loves big machinery and I thought he'd enjoy seeing the equipment in action.
DSC_9283 copy
Here's what remains of a snowman that Seth and Logan built last weekend. This is on the east side of the courthouse, which we often refer to as our "side yard".
DSC_9306 copy
DSC_9330 copy
DSC_9336 copy
DSC_9368 copy
DSC_9397 copy
DSC_9399 copy
What better way to end our snow adventure than with some homemade snow cream. Just a little milk, vanilla and sugar to taste...
DSC_9403 copy
...then mix it in with the snow...
DSC_9409 copy
...and top with sprinkles! I topped mine with chocolate and it was yummy! We saved a bowl of snow in the freezer so we could make more later.
DSC_9413 copy


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