{from the archives} Spring 2009

Sorry, I've been a bit absent from the blog. Once I got the basic set up of the blog designed and functioning I threw myself into culling through hundreds--probably thousands--of images for MY UPCOMING EXHIBIT (yay!) for Artrageous Friday on April 23. Lots of time and late nights (more like early mornings) have been spent in front of my computer and pouring over printouts to edit before sending files to the lab. I'm so excited to see the final framed pieces of photographic art. This will be my first exhibit and it's just for that one night, but I'm excited because it will coincide with the official launch of my photography business! I can't wait!

Now that I've peaked your interest, more details on the event to come soon...

Oh yeah, and there will be an awesome acoustic band, dessert bar, wine and lots of fun and laughter. Just sayin'. More to come...

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