Found this little gem today... | Columbia, Missouri documentary children's photography


I love this image. This is very representative of our son and his obsession with food and the kitchen. He likes to help us cook (the apron reads "daddy's little helper"--check out the foot and handprint, too) and he LOVES to eat. He's a raw foods child and will opt for an apple or orange over a brownie anytime. No joke.

The other thing I really like about this image is that it's almost completely straight-out-of-camera (SOOC). I brought out the highlights just a tad on the countertop and cabinet reflection to show more detail and, well, there you have it!

This is the kind of image that makes my heart smile: one with light and layers and depth and emotion... a real moment.


  1. I love the picture - I can't believe you finally got his little paw prints on there - congrats. Enjoy the chef! Dana