Amanda & Frank: a Saint Louis wedding, the Arch and Busch Stadium!

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda and Frank through Darbi, an old college classmate of Amanda's and a fellow photographer who I've recently connected with. This was the first wedding I've photographed as second-shooter, and it was very rewarding and tons of fun! Darbi was great to work with because 1) she's really good at what she does, and 2) she gave me freedom to be creative and work independently. Not to mention that's she's just pretty easy-going and full of lots of laughs... as were Amanda and Frank and their 12-person bridal party!

For those who are familiar with my work, you know I approach photography from a documentary perspective, regardless of subject matter. If you're new to the blog, well, now you know :) Being that I was the second-shooter, I had even more creative license to record moments non-tradtionally and also experiment with a style that I don't spend much time on: portrait photography. We had a good 2+ hours to romp around downtown with the bridal party for creative portraits, and it was one of my favorite parts of the day. Because of this, I'll be posting waaaay more posed shots than you''d normally see on a single wedding post, but several still have a documentary flair about them.

Anyway, enough about all this! On to the photographs!

DSC_3393 copy

DSC_3571 copy

DSC_3403 copy

DSC_3437 copy

DSC_3398 copy

DSC_3627 copy

DSC_3687 copy

DSC_3803 copy

DSC_3830 copy

DSC_3967 copy



DSC_4117 copy

DSC_4203 copy

DSC_4216 copy


DSC_4285 copy

DSC_4346 copy

DSC_4301 copy

DSC_4325 copy


DSC_4434 copy

DSC_4249 copy

DSC_4451 copy

DSC_4488 copy

DSC_4491 copy

DSC_4458 copy

DSC_4493 copy

DSC_4515 copy



DSC_4569 copy

DSC_4660 copy

DSC_4688 copy


Itching for more? I encourage you to check out Darbi's post on Amanda and Frank's wedding. You'll see a few more images I made while hanging with the guys, as well as my favorite arch shot with the bridal party, among others.

Amanda and Frank, I wish you all the best! It was fabulous and an absolute pleasure to be a part of!


  1. LOVELY!!! :) So glad you were there, RA. Such a great team we made!! xoxo

  2. I absolutely agree, Darbi! Tons of fun!

  3. Amanda Heenan6/2/10, 1:47 PM

    Thank you sooooo much Rebecca - these shots are beautiful and it was such a joy to have you there to celebrate our day!

  4. Thanks, Mary! Glad you found my blog...I just now realized I had unmoderated comments to approve AND yours was one of them...yikes! So sorry! Thanks again for leaving some kind words!