"Happy 30th Birthday to Me!" It's my blog. I can toot my own horn.

My actual birthday is today, June 24, but I received this deliciously-bad-for-you-indulgence on Tuesday. Everyone, meet The Original Ice Cream Cake by Carvel (according to the box). This chilly delight came complete with frozen whipped cream icing. Seth listens well.
DSC_5511 copy
And check this out! I received the above cake as a surprise while dining at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World! (Special thanks to the Yerington's for the cake!) Last week, we stayed 5 days, 5 nights in the resort and visited all the major parks (no water parks). Let's just say it has taken us just as long to recuperate, but was so much fun!
And speaking of Disney...here's a sneak peak of one sight we saw :) More coming to the blog this weekend!
DSC_5506 copy


  1. Happy Birthday! And, I can't wait to go in that castle, Josie's 10th Birthday might be when we get to go!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see more of your pictures - I am frustrated with mine a little - new camera + finger in front of flash = some dark pictures - I am a dork sometimes. I may need your advice on lightening some of them up - hopefully I can get them downloaded. Happy Bithday again and I am so glad we got to celebrate with you! Love ya - Dana

  3. A very happy belated birthday wishes.

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes Jessie, Dana and Ursa! It was a fabulous day!