Ben, Jonas and Lydia debut on the blog! | Columbia, MO children's photography

Recently I asked friends Holly and Billy if I could photograph their kiddos and I'm so excited they were up for it. I spent about an hour exploring a favorite neighborhood creek with them last Saturday morning, but then time was cut short due to Lydia's nap. I really wanted to show more of home life with this trio and asked Holly if I could return with my camera...so I will see them again on Sunday! For now, here's a sampling from Saturday's shoot (I couldn't get enough of Lydia so there's a bit more of her :)

DSC_9502 copy

DSC_9448 copy

DSC_9436 copy
Ben sported a serious expression whenever he noticed my camera focused on him.

DSC_9470 copy


DSC_9612 copy

DSC_9619 copy


DSC_9586 copy


DSC_9491 copy

DSC_9681 copy
Fighting one minute, buddies the next...
DSC_9711 copy


  1. These are great. You are very welcome to come follow my kids in the house too. :)

  2. Thanks, Darbi and Ursa! I'm looking forward to even more time with them this weekend...and then another post!