The B Family: featuring Parker and Delaney! ~ Columbia, MO documentary family photography

DSC_5683 copy
When I arrived at the B house, these two playful faces greeted me through the window. Soon after, we all piled in the car and headed to the park followed by play time at home. It was an entertaining afternoon, complete with a mini four-wheeling adventure! Thanks, B Family, for letting me spend a fun-filled, lovely fall afternoon with you!
DSC_5706 copy
DSC_5764 copy
Untitled-1 copy
DSC_5880 copy
DSC_5979 copy
Untitled-3 copy
DSC_6025 copy
DSC_6107 copy
Untitled-2 copy
DSC_6053 copy
DSC_6226 copy
DSC_6152 copy
Untitled-5 copy
DSC_6005 copy
DSC_6253 copy
DSC_6264 copy
DSC_6271 copy
DSC_6303 copy
DSC_6289 copy
DSC_6337 copy
DSC_6351 copy
DSC_6345 copy
DSC_6398 copy
DSC_6452 copy
DSC_6423 copy
DSC_6432 copy
DSC_6501 copy
Untitled-4 copy
DSC_6585 copy
DSC_6479 copy
DSC_6567 copy

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