Sneaky Silence

More than a few minutes of silence from Logan--other than when he's sleeping--is rarely a good thing. Silence = Mischief. I only left him alone for a few minutes to check email. When I realized it was waaaaay too quiet, I made my way to his room and peeked in. BUSTED!
DSC_7393 copy
But hey, it's washable marker and at least it wasn't on the wall. Instead of being disappointed in his choice to decorate himself, I did what any nostalgic-photo-mom would do. I documented it.
DSC_7400 copy
I think you missed a spot.
DSC_7405 copy
DSC_7403 copy
Don't forget between the toes.
Untitled-1 copy
DSC_7413 copy

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  1. This is hilarious. What a great way to capture him at this stage. Love looking at his chubby hands and feet. I am a bit sad once Olive outgrows the baby stage. Happy holidays!