Rebecca Allen Photography - The new site is up!


It’s here! The website!! My website!!! MY website!!!! MY WEBSITE!!!!! Did you get that?

I’m pretty excited, to say the least.

If you wish to jump right to the site, follow this link: www.rebeccaallenphotography.com .
Otherwise, I encourage you to read on to learn a bit more about where I’m at in this journey, and afterward you can explore the site to your heart’s content!

For a while now I’ve needed a permanent space to display my portfolio images and to provide more information about my work. Yes, I have this blog, but it was never meant to be long-term. In fact, it’s going to be replaced in a couple of weeks, but that is an entirely different topic that will be discussed soon enough. For now, let’s rewind to two years ago...

In December of 2008 I was scoping out Black Friday sales online and came across a very simple website template and impulsively jumped at the chance to buy it... but, I jumped too soon! There it sat, in cyberspace limbo, unused because I didn’t know exactly what to fill it with. You see, I had this desire to work for myself because I had stalked photo blogs for years, dreaming that I could do what others were successfully doing. Let’s just say I’ve come a long way since then, slowly learning the ins and outs of what it takes to get a small business up and running, and I’ve only just begun.

On February 10, 2010--just over a year ago--I received my official Certificate of Organization from the Secretary of State, certifying the formation of my company, Rebecca S. Allen, LLC.  Then in April of 2010, I officially announced the creation of Rebecca Allen Photography (my “doing business as” or “fictitious name” as it is legally referred to). I kicked-off the creation with a launch party that coincided with a reception and gallery show of my work during one of our local Artrageous Friday’s events. Since then it’s been quite the learning experience and a reminder that sometimes self-employment isn’t all wine and roses (for instance, book keeping=no fun). I have grown so much already and I’m thankful for the clients this past year who’ve connected with my photography and who’ve put their faith in me to document their lives. Thank you for hiring me and welcoming me as your personal photographer.

So yes, this is an exciting time. It’s a time of transition and new direction, and now I have a platform to showcase the best of my ever evolving work. Since I purchased that template a couple years back I’ve done a lot of soul-searching in regard to the direction that I want to point my business. Specifically, I’ve spent a great deal of time this past year breaking down just what it is about photography that I enjoy so much. What is it that drives me to pick up a camera on a daily basis? What’s the inspiration? What’s the purpose? From a business standpoint, what it is that I have to offer that others are not doing? Why do I think I can succeed in an industry and a market that is already saturated with successful (and sometimes not so successful) photographers? Those are tough questions, but I know they’re important ones to answer if I am to go any further. Yet, do not fear, for further I will go! It may not be at the speed I want, but with this new direction and determination, I will forge on with this exciting and unfolding career path.

In future posts I’ll explain more about the new commissions I’m offering, but for now, I’ll wrap this up and leave you with the link to the new site. I hope you enjoy it and I would really love to hear your feedback!

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