Out with the OLD, in with the NEW!


Head on over to www.rebeccaallenphotoblog.com to check out the new blog home for Rebecca Allen Photography!!!

I'm calling the new blog site a photo journal because there'll be less emphasis on text and more emphasis on the photos. I chose the horizontal layout to be different (although it's growing in popularity), but mostly because I think it's a better way to showcase story-telling imagery.

The blog/journal will continue to be a mix of personal and business posts. In fact, most of the posts that go up in the next few weeks will be on the personal side. If you're a prospective client interested in my family commissions, my personal posts will give you a good idea of how I approach family photography.

Because of the new layout I decided not to import old blog posts from here into the new site. The old images are not the right size for the new layout and, honestly, I just wanted a fresh start to go with my new website that launched a couple of weeks ago. That said, the new blog is looking pretty empty now, but I have lots of new content lined up, so stay tuned.

New goals now are to work on my SEO for the sites, order new marketing materials and to start advertising more of my services within the local community. I stayed in the shadows for much of my first year in business, as I was really just trying to find my place in the industry. Now that I have a clearer vision for my business and the niche I want to serve, I feel more confident in my ability to make this dream a success.

So, please, head on over to the new journal. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

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